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PSA-H2 Plant

Pioneer has developed a fast, low-consumption and high-efficiency PSA-H2 separation process by combining the adsorption characteristics of the independently developed and produced high-efficiency H2 separation adsorbent. The PSA-H2 plant has the characteristics of low investment, high efficiency, simple process, high purity of product gas, high yieldout rate, low operating cost, strong applicability of raw gas and convenient load adjustment by using Pioneer’s new PSA-H2 equipment.

By using Pioneer’s new PSA H2 separation technology, H2 can be purified from H2-containing gas mixtures such as shift gas, coke oven gas, semi-water gas, methanol purge gas, methanol cracking gas, ammonia cracking gas, formaldehyde tail gas, refinery reformed gas, refinery FCC dry gas, and refined gas.

Production Capacity

1000Nm3/h~300,000Nm3/h, Purity: 99.999%

Typical Applications

>For Chemical Synthesis: At present, H2 is mainly used as intermediate products or raw materials for chemical synthesis, such as ammonia, methanol, ethylene glycol, butyl alcohol, and photogas synthesis to further generate TDI, MDI, etc.

>For Petroleum Refining: H2 is used in various processes of petroleum refining and petrochemicals, such as hydrocracking, catalytic hydrogenation, hydrorefining, hydrodesulfurization, benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexane, etc.

>For Modern Coal Chemical Industry: Hydrogen can be used for direct or indirect synthesis of liquid fuels, olefins and other important chemical products, such as direct liquefaction of coal, indirect liquefaction of coal (F-T synthesis), coal to natural gas (methanation), etc.

>Used for Reduction: H2 has strong reducing property, so it is widely used as reducing gas in heat treatment and metal hydride production.

>Used in Hydrogen Vehicles: Using the further purified H2 product gas, it is widely used in hydrogen energy vehicles.

Technical Advantages

Innovative Process Design

Pioneer's fast, low-consumption, high-efficiency PSA-H2 separation process successfully solves the existing H2 separation plant's prevalent problems of high investment, long cycle time and large footprint, significantly improves the PSA-H2 unit's utilization efficiency and reduces the PSA-H2 plant's one-time investment and long-term operating costs.

Proprietary High-Efficiency Adsorbent

Pioneer independently developed and produced high-efficiency adsorbent for H2 separation, with large adsorption capacity, leading performance index and strong adaptability to raw gas.

Excellent Product Index

High purity of H2 product gas (up to 99.999%) and high yield of the hydrogen plant, which is important for users to save energy and increase efficiency.

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