Research and Development

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Research and Development

Since its establishment, Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “PIONEER”) has been specializing in the research and development of new products and new technologies, as well as upgrading and optimization of various technological indexes, and seeking to boost the progressive development of the enterprise in virtue of technological advance. In the meanwhile, the company is playing a pioneering and leading role in the fields related to PSA. The Company has a research and development center as the subject of scientific research and development, which boasts 39 research and development staffs that are devoted to the research and development work, including laboratory study, lab test, pilot test, technological process of production, and process development of devices, etc.

PKU PIONEER Founder, Xie Youchang, is leading the R&D team to develop new products. PKU PIONEER R&D laboratory in Chemistry and Molecular Engineering College of Peking University

Supported by the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering and Institute of Physical Chemistry of Peking University, and State Key Laboratory for Structural Chemistry of Unstable and Stable Species, and in virtue of advantages in the rich R&D resources and conditions of Peking University, PIONEER has been able to expand its R&D team continuously, increase capital investment in research and development, upgrade R&D equipment to enhance its R&D ability. It has been granted as the “Key Laboratory of Beijing City” by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission.

The products and technologies independently developed by PIONEER have yielded remarkable achievements in the industrial applications. For example, efficient copper-based CO absorbent PU-1 and efficient lithium-based O2 production absorbent PU-8 have been put into industrial application in a large scale; The radial bed process of VPSA oxygen making technology has been developed and put into industrial use; The airflow distribution technology in the VPSA oxygen making process has solved the uneven airflow distribution problem, and effectively prevented the pulverization of molecular sieve; The continuous catalytic oxidation dephosphorization purification technology of yellow phosphorus exhaust gas has been put into industrial application; The world pioneering calcium carbide furnace exhaust CO purification technology has been developed and applied; And the world pioneering blast furnace gas CO purification technology has been put into industrial application…

Dr. Jiang, the head of the R&D team of PKU PIONEER,  is conducting R&D experiments with researchers. the highly efficient copper & lithium-based adsorbent PU-1

The above research results have been applied successfully as they are developed based on the concept of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection, in an effort to create values for users and make benefits for the society in the area of gas separation.

Now, the experimental projects being developed by PIONEER total to over 30 items, involving key research programs such as desulfurization and denitrification of industrial exhausts, upgrading and optimization of hydrogen production technology, separation and purification of other common sundries from industrial gases, and efficient catalysts and absorbents, etc. In the future, PIONEER will strengthen its cooperation with Peking University and other scientific research institutions, striving to build a state key laboratory.