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Iron and Steel Industry

India JSW Group 15000/92 Oxygen Project:


JSW and PIONEER signed a contract on cooperation in the 15,000 VPSA oxygen plant for the blast furnace technological upgrading project at the end of 2016, under which PIONEER provides a full set of oxygen generating equipment for JSW. Thus, PIONEER set a new record for China’s export of PSA oxygen generating equipment to further the development of China’s PSA oxygen production technology.


India JSPL 36,000/90 VPSA Oxygen Unit Project:


From May 2018 to December 2020, JSPL, a subsidiary of India’s largest steel mill and PKU Pioneer successively signed the contract for the blast furnace iron-making oxygen production project (4 phases). The total capacity of the VPSA oxygen production plant reached 36,000Nm3/h, which equals approx. 1200TPD liquid oxygen. All the oxygen plants realized standard production, providing rich oxygen for JSPL blast furnaces, which greatly saves ironmaking costs and improves the iron output and economic benefits. PKU PIONEER is the oxygen equipment supplier exporting the most VPSA-O2 plants with the largest oxygen capacity to India.

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