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Sewage Treatment Industry

CSD Water Service Co., Ltd. 1440/90 VPSA Oxygen Generating Equipment:


In February 2018, Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for 3 sets of 480Nm3/h oxygen plants of CSD Water Service Co., Ltd. and both parties signed the supply contract.

CSD Water Service Co., Ltd. is an A-share listed company and integrated water service provider with water service, sewage and associated sludge treatment facilities as its main business. It has a centralized sewage treatment plant in Ningjin Economic Development Zone (Xicheng Industrial Park). The 3 sets of 480Nm3/h oxygen plants for 90% purity of oxygen under the supply contract will be used as the oxygen source of ozone. After the oxygen generated is supplied to the ozone generation system, the ozone generated will be used as the strong oxidant for advanced sewage treatment.

In recent years, the VPSA-O2 system is applied in China’s water treatment industry to supply oxygen to the ozone generator, because under the conventional scale of oxygen consumption, the VPSA-O2 technology has better flexibility than the cryogenic oxygen generation technology, and requires lower cost than purchasing liquid oxygen, thus increasing the overall benefits of enterprises. In May 2019, the 3 sets of oxygen plants passed the acceptance and were successfully put into production to provide stable oxygen products for the customer.

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